Monday, December 5, 2011

Cool Craft for Christmas

As December rolls along, we're starting to pull our Yuletide decorations out of the basement and decorate the house. I love the light-based decorations, especially the Christmas tree. Once it is decorated and the lights put into place, I can sit in the darkened room and just watch it for hours.

Wit & Whistle has a really cool way to add some mood lighting in other parts of the house using bottles of light. I'm not sure if it's because they use tree lights to achieve this, but I think these bottles of light would be perfect to adorn a set of shelves or a side-table during a Yuletide celebration. We're planning on hosting a few evenings with friends and two of these bottles among the potluck wine bottles would just look awesome.

If you try to make this yourself, please be careful. The potential for the bottle to shatter while drilling the hole at the base (where you feed the tree lights through) is pretty high.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Braaaaaiiiinnnnnssss.... now portable!

One of the toughest thing about being a zombie is the portability of my food. Sure, once you break the skull open, it makes a convenient brain bowl, but what if you get hungry later? What the undead really  need is a way to save some brains for a toxic-rainy day.

So limp no further! Make yourself a bag from some human skin and get your own brain jar preserves!

I'm currently putting a Halloween party together for 200 people and I'm thinking that these Brain in Jars would be awesome raffle items. Delicious and gross!

You can get the very  simple instructions on how to make your own at Living Locurto.